What is another word for bunks?

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[ bˈʌŋks], [ bˈʌŋks], [ b_ˈʌ_ŋ_k_s]

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    How to use "Bunks" in context?

    For many, it's the place to sleep after a long day of work. But for some, bunk beds are more than just a place to rest - they're a place to build memories. Here are 101 things to do in a bunk bed group:

    1. Play cards or board games together

    2. Make lunch and eat it in bed

    3. Talk until your jaws hurt

    4. Spread a load of laundry and fold it in bed

    5. Learn new things together

    6. Take a nap together

    7. Draw pictures or imagine adventures

    8. Get organized and clean together

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