What is another word for butter-print?

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[ bˈʌtəpɹˈɪnt], [ bˈʌtəpɹˈɪnt], [ b_ˈʌ_t_ə_p_ɹ_ˈɪ_n_t]

Butter-print is a term that refers to a tool or device used to imprint designs or patterns onto butter. Synonyms for butter-print include butter mold, butter stamp, and butter press. Butter molds were popular in the 19th century and came in various shapes and sizes. The molds were made of wood, tin, or ceramic and could be used to create intricate designs or simple patterns such as a flower or a geometric shape. Over time, the term butter-print has been used less commonly, and these tools are now referred to as butter molds or stamps. Whether you are making homemade butter or want to add a unique touch to your meal presentation, a butter-print is still a useful tool to have in your kitchen.

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