What is another word for caffre?

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[ kˈafə], [ kˈafə], [ k_ˈa_f_ə]

The word "caffre" is considered inappropriate and offensive in modern times. It has been used as a derogatory term historically to denote black people, particularly those native to southern Africa. As such, there are no synonyms that fully capture the derogatory and hurtful nature of this word. However, there are alternative expressions that can be used to describe individuals from this region. The term "Bantu" is often used in a non-derogatory manner to describe African people from the southern part of the continent. Other terms include "African", "Southern African", and "South African". All of these expressions are more appropriate and respectful than the outdated and offensive label "caffre".

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How to use "Caffre" in context?

Caffre is a reddish-brown mineral that is usually an ore of copper. It has a Mohawk Valley, New York, U.S.A., occurrence.

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