What is another word for cast-off?

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There are several synonyms for the word "cast-off" which can be used depending on the context. One such synonym is "discarded", which denotes something that has been thrown away or rejected as no longer useful. Another synonym is "abandoned", which refers to something that has been left behind or forsaken. "Unwanted" is another synonym that conveys the idea of something that is not desired or needed. Similarly, "relinquished" implies giving up or surrendering something, while "disposed of" refers to the act of getting rid of something. Finally, "jettisoned" can be used to indicate something that has been intentionally discarded or thrown overboard.

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How to use "Cast-off" in context?

Threadbare clothes, an empty fridge, discarded furniture, cast-off items piled high in the trash. Inevitably, someone's home falls into a state of disrepair. Often, there is no one to take responsibility for restoring the dwelling to its former glory. This is how cast-off items become a part of our lives - destined to stay until the next person reaches their breaking point.

But why are these items relegated to the trash? There's nothing inherently wrong with cast-offs. We can repurpose them into something useful or elegant. In fact, when done well, it can be a sign of refinement and sophistication.

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