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Pronunciation: [sˈɛɹɐtˌɒdəs] (IPA)

Ceratodus, also known as the lungfish, is a primitive fish species that breathes air through its lung-like organs. The name "ceratodus" comes from the Greek words "keras" meaning horn and "odous" meaning tooth, referring to its tooth-like structures. Other synonyms used for ceratodus include Dipnoi, which means "double breathing" in Greek, and Protopterus, which means "first wing" in Greek. In Australia, where the lungfish is found, it is sometimes referred to as "Queensland lungfish" or "Mary River lungfish." Whatever name you use, the ceratodus holds an important place in evolutionary biology, providing insight into the transition of fish to land-dwelling animals.

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Usage examples for Ceratodus

The fishes that we have so far been considering-orphans of the past they might be termed, as they have no living relatives-were little fellows; but their immediate successors, preserved in the Devonian strata, particularly of North America, were the giants of those days, termed, from their size and presumably fierce appearance, Titantichthys and Dinichthys, and are related to a fish, ceratodus, still living in Australia.
"Animals of the Past"
Frederic A. Lucas
The ceratodus of certain Queensland rivers has one lung; though, I was told by the experts in Queensland, it is not a "mud-fish," and never lives in dry mud.
"The Story of Evolution"
Joseph McCabe
When the skeletons of fishes of the ceratodus type were discovered in the Devonian rocks, it was felt that we had found the fish-ancestor of the land Vertebrates, but a closer anatomical examination has made this doubtful.
"The Story of Evolution"
Joseph McCabe

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