What is another word for Colorado Parnassian?

Pronunciation: [kˌɒləɹˈɑːdə͡ʊ pˈɑːnaʃən] (IPA)

Colorado Parnassian is a species of butterfly that is found in the mountainous regions of Colorado and Wyoming. The butterfly is known for its distinctive black and white markings, which make it easy to identify in the wild. There are several synonyms for the Colorado Parnassian, including Parnassius smintheus coloradensis, Parnassius bremeri, and Parnassius smintheus smintheus. These synonyms are used to describe the various subspecies of the butterfly that are found in different parts of the United States. Despite their different names, all of these butterflies share the same unique markings and are a cherished sight for nature enthusiasts.

Synonyms for Colorado parnassian:

What are the hypernyms for Colorado parnassian?

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