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"Mash" is a versatile word that can be used to describe a variety of actions. However, if you're looking to add some variety to your vocabulary, consider some of these synonyms for "mash". "Crush" is a great word to use if you're looking to indicate the force or pressure you're applying to something. "Smash" connotes a more violent action, and implies that the object being mashed is being destroyed. "Pulverize" and "grind" are other options that suggest a more intense, destructive action. Finally, "mush" and "mangle" are great verbs to use if you're describing things that have been mashed so thoroughly that they can no longer retain their shape or identity.

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    A mash is a traditional British dish, made from a mixture of potatoes, flour, and milk, that is stirred until smooth andpotatoes are cooked through.

    Mashes can range in flavor, textures, and shapes, but are typically filling and satisfying. Some common mash preparations include:

    Pasty: A one-dish, savory dish made from mashed potatoes and flour, traditionally served with gravy or mixed with other meats.

    Bowl: A fluffy mash that is typically served cold, often mixed with other vegetables or meats.

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