What is another word for comtism?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒmtɪzəm] (IPA)

Comtism is a term used to describe the philosophical ideas and concepts of Auguste Comte, the French philosopher who developed positivism. The word has no direct synonyms as it is the name of a specific ideology. However, some words that could be used as alternatives to describe Comtism might include positivism, scientific humanism, or rationalism. Positivism is the belief that knowledge is only derived from sensory experience, while scientific humanism is a similar idea that emphasizes the importance of science and reason in understanding the world. Rationalism is the view that reason is the primary source of knowledge. All of these terms represent a commitment to objective facts and logical analysis, which are key components of Comtism.

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Usage examples for Comtism

It was aptly said by Huxley of the philosophy of Comte, that comtism was Catholicism minus Christianity.
"German Problems and Personalities"
Charles Sarolea
Outside of comtism, France has not produced many writers on philosophy, except philosophical historians.
"A Short History of French Literature"
George Saintsbury

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