What is another word for conduction deafness?

Pronunciation: [kəndˈʌkʃən dˈɛfnəs] (IPA)

Conduction deafness occurs when there is a problem with sound transmission through the Middle ear. The term can be replaced with alternatives to help communicate the same issue. Some synonyms for the term conduction deafness include Conductive hearing loss, Malleus-incus disruption, and Ossicular chain disruption. Some medical professionals may also use terms such as Middle ear deafness and Bone conduction deafness. Additionally, some may use more layman's terms like blocked Eustachian tube or earwax buildup that causes hearing difficulties. Regardless of the specific term used, it's important to communicate the issue to a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment and management.

Synonyms for Conduction deafness:

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Related words: conduction deafness n. physical deafness caused by some organic defect in the conduction apparatus of the ear; hearing loss with intact audition and intact vestibular function

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