What is another word for cradles?

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Cradles are a type of platform that is used to hold or support an object, usually a baby or an instrument. Some synonyms for the word "cradles" are holders, supports, racks, rests, bottoms, bases, stands, brackets, frames, and platforms. These words can help to describe different types of cradles that are used in various settings. For example, a guitar cradle might be called a guitar stand, while a baby cradle might be called a bassinet. No matter what the context, these synonyms can help to add depth and clarity to our language.

How to use "Cradles" in context?

Cradles are the backbone of most modern nursery furniture. They are pieces of furniture that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to cradle a baby or toddler. Because they are so versatile, cradles are often used in combination with other nursery furniture, such as Changing Tables and Bedding Frames.

There are several types of cradles on the market today. The most common type is the cradle that sits in a stationary position on the floor. These cradles are typically equipped with a changing table, so the baby can easily change clothes and diapers. Another type of cradle is the playard.

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