What is another word for cults?

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[ kˈʌlts], [ kˈʌlts], [ k_ˈʌ_l_t_s]

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  • What is a cult and why are they dangerous?

    Synonyms for Cults:

    How to use "Cults" in context?

    Cults are groups of people who are joined together by a shared set of beliefs and practices that differ from those of the general public. Cults can be religious, political, social, or psychological. Cults often have divisive beliefs that can lead to violence and may require members to live a strict set of rules. Some cults are benign, while others can be harmful and destructive.

    Cult-related violence takes many forms, including harassment, psychological manipulation, and physical violence. Victims of cult violence can experience feelings of powerlessness and isolation. They may trust their cult leaders too much and feel that they have no other way of life.

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