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Cultivation is a broad term that refers to the act of growing or nurturing a plant, crop, or idea. Synonyms for cultivation include farming, gardening, agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture. Farming is a term used for the cultivation of crops and livestock while gardening focuses more on the cultivation of plants in a domestic environment, typically for ornamental purposes. Agriculture refers to the management and cultivation of land for economic purposes while horticulture refers to the study and cultivation of plants for aesthetic purposes. Lastly, floriculture refers specifically to the cultivation of flowers or flowering plants. In summary, cultivation can be defined through various words that describe the act of growing and nurturing.

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How to use "Cultivation" in context?

Since the dawn of human civilization, mankind has been endeavouring to cultivate crops, animals, and even their own minds. In ancient times, cultivation was often done through manual labour or through the use of natural resources such as water and sunlight. Over the centuries, however, technological advancements have allowed for a more mechanized approach to cultivation, making it possible to cultivate crops in greater quantities and with greater precision.

Cultivation has come to play a critical role in human society, providing food, clothing, shelter, and other essential resources.

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