What is another word for Dallying?

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[ dˈaliɪŋ], [ dˈaliɪŋ], [ d_ˈa_l_i__ɪ_ŋ]

Dallying is a term used to refer to someone wasting their time or being idle. There are several synonymous words that can be used to express the same meaning as dallying. Procrastinating means avoiding work that needs to be done, while loafing means being idle and wasting time. Frittering is a term used to express wasting time or resources in an aimless way, while idling means doing nothing productive. Dilly-dallying means wasting time or delaying the start of something important, while stalling is used to refer to the act of delaying something deliberately. Finally, lollygagging is another synonymous term for dallying, which means spending time aimlessly without purpose.

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How to use "Dallying" in context?

Dallying is a euphemism for engaging in sexual activity with someone other than one's spouse. It can also refer to a casual relationship that is not considered to be dating. Dallying is considered more acceptable than adultery because it does not involve an extra-marital relationship.

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