What is another word for Daymare?

Pronunciation: [dˈe͡ɪme͡ə] (IPA)

Daymare refers to a distressing or terrifying experience, often resembling a nightmare, that occurs during wakefulness. While not as commonly used as its counterpart "nightmare", several synonyms capture the essence of this phenomena. One such term is "waking dream", which denotes a vivid or disturbing experience that may blur the line between reality and imagination. Additionally, "awake-scare" aptly describes the feeling of fright or unease experienced when awake. Another synonym, "diurnal horror", highlights the daytime aspect of the experience and the associated fear or distress. Overall, these synonyms underline the unsettling nature of daymares and provide alternative ways to convey this disconcerting experience during wakefulness.

What are the opposite words for Daymare?

A daymare is a word used to describe a type of nightmare that occurs while a person is awake. While there are no direct antonyms for the word daymare, there are several words that can be used to describe a positive experience that is experienced during waking hours. Some of these antonyms include joy, happiness, bliss, ecstasy, delight, and contentment. These words are the opposite of daymare since they describe experiences that are pleasurable and enjoyable, rather than ones that are filled with fear, anxiety, and stress. It is important to have positive experiences during the day to balance out any negative ones that may occur.

What are the antonyms for Daymare?

Usage examples for Daymare

But I am oppressed by a horrible nightmare-Daymare as well.
"A Book of Ghosts"
Sabine Baring-Gould

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