What is another word for nightmare?

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Nightmare is a word that refers to a terrifying or uncomfortable dream that causes significant distress or anxiety. If you're tired of using the same word repeatedly, there are several synonyms that you can use to express the same meaning. A few synonyms for nightmare include horror, bad dream, terrifying vision, adversity, and ordeal. Other synonyms for the word nightmare are terror, fright, panic, shock, and fear. All of these synonyms can be used interchangeably to convey the same sense of fear or terror associated with a bad dream or nightmare. When you need to add more variety and emphasis to your writing, these synonyms can help you accomplish your goal.

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    What are the opposite words for nightmare?

    Nightmares are terrifying experiences that leave us feeling restless and scared even after we wake up. But what are its antonyms? One antonym for nightmare could be "dream," a pleasant experience that leaves us feeling happy and content. Another antonym could be "hope," which is the feeling of positivity and possibility for the future. One could also use the word "serenity," which describes a state of peacefulness and calmness. Other antonyms for nightmare could be "bliss," "delight," "enchantment," or even "euphoria." All these words represent the opposite of the negative feelings associated with nightmares and can evoke positive emotions in people.

    Usage examples for Nightmare

    Since then he had gone through a nightmare ordeal.
    "For Every Man A Reason"
    Patrick Wilkins
    It is inexplicable and yet it is all in myself; anything to upset that harmony between my soul and this could make it a nightmare, an endless nightmare.
    "The Locusts' Years"
    Mary Helen Fee
    I don't know how I got myself here-it is all a nightmare-but I must go away and work-by myself again.
    "The Locusts' Years"
    Mary Helen Fee

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