What is another word for dipnoi?

Pronunciation: [dˈɪpnɔ͡ɪ] (IPA)

Dipnoi is a term used to describe a group of freshwater fish, also known as lungfish, which have the ability to breathe air. There are a variety of synonyms for the term Dipnoi that include air-breathing fish, diprotodonts, and pulmonate fish. These synonyms refer to the unique characteristic of these fish that allows them to extract oxygen from the air instead of solely relying on aquatic respiration. While there are only six species of lungfish in the world today, they have existed for over 380 million years and are thought to be some of the most primitive living fish species.

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Usage examples for Dipnoi

Holocephalii dipnoi Teleostomi Stomias, Chauliodus, Melanostomius, Pachystomias, Bathophilus, Dactylostomius, Malacosteus, Astronesthes, Ophozstomias, Idiacanthus, Bathylychnus, Macrostomius, Gonostoma, Cyclothone, Photichthys, Vinciguerria, Ichthyococcus, Lychnopoles, Diplophos, Triplophos, Valenciennellus, Maurolicus, Argyropelecus, Sternoptyx, Polyipnus, Ipnops?
"The Nature of Animal Light"
E. Newton Harvey
But the condition of the dipnoi, which possess lungs but do not walk on land, does not support this supposition, for they possess fins which are either filamentous or fin-like, having a central axis with rays on each side.
"Hormones and Heredity"
J. T. Cunningham

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