What is another word for dittany?

Pronunciation: [dˈɪtəni] (IPA)

Dittany is a word that refers to a herb that was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes. The plant's scientific name is Origanum dictamnus and it is also known as Cretan dittany. However, if we are looking for synonyms for the word dittany, we can use terms such as wild marjoram or sweet marjoram. This is because dittany is related to marjoram and has similar properties. Other synonyms for dittany might include burning bush, stone mint or Hopland pennyroyal. These are names that are often used to refer to types of plants that have similar uses and properties to dittany.

Synonyms for Dittany:

What are the hypernyms for Dittany?

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Usage examples for Dittany

For though Dr. Shippen and Dr. Rush had begun to protest against "old women's doses," many still had faith in them and kept to feverfew and dittany and golden rod and various other simples, and made cough balsams and salves.
"A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia"
Amanda Minnie Douglas
Spice-wood, sassafras, and dittany, are also plenty.
"A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America"
S. A. Ferrall
He averted the hero's death by applying the plant "dittany," smooth of leaf, and purple of blossom, as plucked on the mountain Ida.
"Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure"
William Thomas Fernie

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