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Dixiecrats were a faction of conservative Democrats in the mid-20th century who supported racial segregation and opposed Civil Rights initiatives. The term "Dixiecrats" itself is synonymous with this group, but other terms could also be used. Some examples include "Southern Democrats," "Segregationist Democrats," and "Jim Crow Democrats." These terms all highlight the party's support for segregation and opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. Other terms like "Rednecks," "Hillbillies," and "White Trash" are sometimes used colloquially to describe similar individuals with similar political beliefs, but these terms are generally considered pejorative.

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    The dixiecrats were a political party in the United States during the 1960s. The symbol of the party was a green and white Stars and Bars flag. The party was named for the former Confederate States of America. The Dixiecrats were a conservative party, and they supported state's rights and white supremacy. The Dixiecrats opposed civil rights and integration, and they believed that the government should be smaller and less intrusive. The Dixiecrats were very popular in the southern states, and they often won elections. However, the Dixiecrat party died out after the 1968 election, and it never became a major political force.

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