What is another word for dodos?

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[ dˈə͡ʊdə͡ʊz], [ dˈə‍ʊdə‍ʊz], [ d_ˈəʊ_d_əʊ_z]

Synonyms for Dodos:

How to use "Dodos" in context?

Dodos are members of the Phyllostomidae family of passerine birds. All dodos were formerly classified in the family Columbidae. However, DNA analysis has shown that these animals are more closely related to pigeons and doves than to other birds in the family Phyllostomidae. The dodo was only distantly related to the ratites, the elephant birds, and the cassowaries. These birds are endemic to Mauritius and are today extinct, although they were once common.

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