What is another word for duds?

Pronunciation: [dˈʌdz] (IPA)

Duds, which means clothes that are old or worn out, can have different synonyms depending on the context. In fashion, we can use words like ragged, shabby, or threadbare. In a less formal setting, we can use words like scruffy, tatty, or frumpy. When talking about an unsuccessful attempt, words like flop, failure, or bungle can be used. A person who always wears old and shabby clothes can be described as a slob, a bum or a tramp. In summary, synonyms for duds can range from negative connotations to a more lighthearted tone, depending on the situation and intention of the speaker.

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Usage examples for Duds

Four little duds in there eating their mother alive, and she full of fever from a wound-no water for days.
"Son of Power"
Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
But when somebody remarked on the clo'es, he didn't hev backbone enough to keep on wearin' 'em-he slimpsed right back to his peddler duds an' done his best to please.
"Friendship Village"
Zona Gale
I've mended 'is oul duds, washed 'is dhirty clothes, shuk 'is han', stroked 'is hair an' said kind words to 'im!
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine

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