What is another word for dog-day cicada?

Pronunciation: [dˈɒɡdˈe͡ɪ sɪkˈɑːdə] (IPA)

The term "dog-day cicada" refers to a particular type of cicada that emerges during the hottest days of summer, typically in July or August. These insects are also known as "locusts," although this name is inaccurate since they are not true locusts. Other synonyms for dog-day cicadas include "summer cicada," "annual cicada," and "Harvestfly." In Japan, these insects are called "tsukutsukubohshi," which translates to "the cicada that makes a steady sound." No matter what you call them, dog-day cicadas are a quintessential sound of summer in many parts of the world. Their distinctive buzzing song can be heard throughout the day and into the evening, providing a soundtrack for lazy afternoons spent lounging in the sun.

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