What is another word for grasshopper?

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Grasshopper is a term used to refer to an insect that belongs to the family of Orthoptera and commonly known for producing a characteristic chirping sound. However, there are several other words that can be used interchangeably with the term grasshopper, including locust, cricket, katydid, and cicada. Locust is a type of grasshopper that is known for swarming and causing massive crop destruction. Cricket is a shorter-legged, smaller insect that is also known for chirping. Katydid is a leaf-eating insect that belongs to the family of grasshoppers and is characterized by its long antennae. Lastly, cicada is a larger, long-winged insect that also produces a loud and distinctive sound.

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Usage examples for Grasshopper

Looking around, he saw a grasshopper sitting on a blade of grass.
"The Grasshopper Stories"
Elizabeth Davis Leavitt
He hated to tell the grasshopper what he had next done.
"The Grasshopper Stories"
Elizabeth Davis Leavitt
"If you tell me, perhaps I can help you," said the grasshopper, by way of encouragement.
"The Grasshopper Stories"
Elizabeth Davis Leavitt

Famous quotes with Grasshopper

  • A grasshopper shrilled in a tuft at her feet and was answered by other shrillings among the gorse bushes; a solitary rook flapped heavily overhead, and a pair of goldfinches twittered among the thistle-down; there was no other sound except the scarcely perceptible never-ceasing sighing of the wind in the pines and its rustling of acres of heath-bells.
    Flora Thompson

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