What is another word for dredge?

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Dredging is a common activity that involves removing silt, mud, and debris from the bottom of water bodies to enhance navigation and improve water quality. However, there are several other terms that can be used as synonyms for dredging. One of the most common is excavating, which refers to digging or removing soil or other materials from a specific location. Another synonym is scooping, which refers to the act of removing or lifting materials using a shovel or a scoop. Dragging is also another synonym, which refers to pulling or moving objects along the surface of a body of water or ground. Lastly, the term channeling can also be used as a synonym for dredging, which refers to the process of creating or deepening water channels to enhance navigation.

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    When it comes to dredging, there are two types of dredges: those that are used for soil excavation and those that are used for trawling. The soil excavation dredge has a rotating blade on the front that scrapes the soil away from the target area, while the trawling dredge has a net on the front that is dragged along the bottom as the vessel moves.

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