What is another word for drudge?

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The word "drudge" refers to a person who does menial or tedious work. There are several other synonyms that can be used in place of the word "drudge," such as laborer, toiler, peon, grunt, slogger, worker, and servant. These words all imply someone who does hard, repetitive work, often for little pay or recognition. Other words that can be used include plodder, drone, hack, and dronie. These words all describe someone who works hard but may lack creativity or enthusiasm. Regardless of which synonym is used, it's clear that someone who is referred to as a drudge is an essential part of any workforce, but often does not receive the recognition they deserve.

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How to use "Drudge" in context?

It is often said that a great drudge is a humble servant. A drudge's primary purpose is to help their master do their job better and faster. While this definition may be accurate in the world of manual labor, it does not always hold true in the world of business. A great drudge can be a powerful player in the business world, often taking on the most tedious and mind-numbing tasks.

In order to be a great drudge, you need to have a strong work ethic and be able to carry out orders without question.

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