What is another word for dromaeosaur?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈɒmiːˌɒsɔː] (IPA)

Dromaeosaur is a word used to classify a group of carnivorous dinosaurs characterized by their sharp teeth, large eyes, and sickle-shaped claws. Some synonyms for dromaeosaur include "raptor" which comes from their ability to seize and kill prey. Another synonym is "velociraptor" which means swift and savage predator. The term "microraptor" refers to a smaller species of dromaeosaur and is often called the "four-winged dinosaur" due to its feather-covered limbs. Other synonyms for dromaeosaur include "Deinonychus" meaning "terrible claw" and "Utahraptor" which refers to a larger species discovered in Utah. These synonyms are useful for categorizing and describing these fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth.

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