What is another word for dual personalities?

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[ djˈuːə͡l pˌɜːsənˈalɪtiz], [ djˈuːə‍l pˌɜːsənˈalɪtiz], [ d_j_ˈuː_əl p_ˌɜː_s_ə_n_ˈa_l_ɪ_t_i_z]

"Dual personalities" is a term used to describe people who exhibit two distinct types of behavior or characteristics. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe the same phenomenon. Some commonly used alternative phrases include "split personalities," "two-faced," "Janus-faced," "double-dealing," "duplicitous," "ambivalent," and "Jekyll and Hyde." Each of these terms carries a slightly different connotation, but all convey the idea of a person who has two different sides to their personality. It is important to note that these terms can be used in both positive and negative contexts, depending on the situation and the speaker's intention.

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    Dual personalities disorder, or DPD, is a condition where a person has two or more markedly different personalities, often with completely different interests, abilities, and skills. The disorder typically begins in adolescence and can persist into adulthood. People with DPD typically experience deep inner conflict, which can lead to a variety of problems, including violence, self-harm, and substance abuse. Dual personalities are usually only revealed during psychiatric evaluation or therapy. There is no known cure for DPD, but treatment can help manage the disorder and minimize its effects.

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