What is another word for DUDOR?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːdɔː] (IPA)

"Dudor" is a Hungarian word that translates to "lump" in English. However, if you're seeking synonyms for "dudor", you could explore a range of alternatives that convey the same basic meaning. Words like "bump", "swelling", "protuberance", or even "bulge" could effectively replace "dudor" in various contexts. These synonyms help to describe a localized, noticeable, and often abnormal protrusion on a surface or within the body. It's important to consider the specific context or connotation desired to select the most appropriate synonym to use instead of "dudor."

What are the antonyms for Dudor?

Usage examples for Dudor

I have been informed, though I will not answer for the accuracy of the information, that this vicarious oath is likely to produce, a scene which would have puzzled the DUDOR Dubitantiim.
"Sydney Smith"
George W. E. Russell

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