What is another word for eastern hemisphere?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːstən hˈɛmɪsfˌi͡ə] (IPA)

The Eastern Hemisphere is the half of Earth that lies to the east of the prime meridian and is divided into several regions, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Synonyms for the Eastern Hemisphere include the Old World, the Orient, and the Eastern World. The Old World refers to the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, which are historically known for their ancient civilizations and cultural heritage. The term "Orient" is commonly used to describe countries and cultures in Eastern Asia, while the Eastern World refers to all countries and regions located to the east of the Greenwich meridian. Regardless of the synonym used, the Eastern Hemisphere remains a fascinating and diverse part of our planet.

Synonyms for Eastern hemisphere:

What are the hypernyms for Eastern hemisphere?

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Famous quotes with Eastern hemisphere

  • I open with a clock striking, to beget an awful attention in the audience - it also marks the time, which is four o clock in the morning, and saves a description of the rising sun, and a great deal about gilding the eastern hemisphere.
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan

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