What is another word for economic theory?

Pronunciation: [ˌiːkənˈɒmɪk θˈi͡əɹi] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the term economic theory, including economic philosophy, economic principle, and economic model. These terms refer to the various frameworks and methods used in the study of economics. Economic theory focuses on understanding how markets and economies work, and how economic actors make decisions based on rational choice and self-interest. These theories aim to explain economic phenomena, including production, consumption, and distribution. Economic philosophy encompasses broader perspectives on the nature of economic systems and the role of society in shaping them. Economic models are used to simulate economic behavior and predict outcomes based on various scenarios and assumptions.

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Famous quotes with Economic theory

  • The first issue to be settled is whether socialism has a right to exist Are its allegations concerning the present system true? Is industry proceeding on a principle of fraud? I wish to test the power of recent economic theory to give an exact answer to this question.
    John Bates Clark
  • In short, both experience and economic theory imply that the US could now t to a more competitive dollar without experiencing either increased inflation or decreased economic growth.
    Martin Feldstein
  • Classic economic theory, based as it is on an inadequate theory of human motivation, could be revolutionized by accepting the reality of higher human needs, including the impulse to self actualization and the love for the highest values.
    Abraham Maslow
  • My interest in economics has always been in the whole corpus of economic theory, the interrelationships between the various fields of theory and their relevance for the formulation of economic policy.
    James Meade
  • My job was to teach the whole corpus of economic theory, but there were two subjects in which I was especially interested, namely, the economics of mass unemployment and international economics.
    James Meade

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