What is another word for eptesicus?

Pronunciation: [ɛptˈiːzɪkəs] (IPA)

Eptesicus is a genus of bats commonly known as serotine bats. However, there are other synonyms that are used to represent this specific genus of bats. For instance, Lasiopterus, Nyctalops, and Vesperus are all considered synonyms of Eptesicus. These terms are used to describe the same type of bat species. The name Eptesicus is derived from the Greek words "Eptá" which means seven and "síka" which means ear. These bats have relatively long ears, which are shaped like a funnel and help them locate insects in the dark. Regardless of the synonym used to describe them, all members of the genus Eptesicus are well-known for their capacity to hunt down their prey using their sharp senses in the dark.

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