What is another word for ex-plaining?

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[ ˈɛksplˈe͡ɪnɪŋ], [ ˈɛksplˈe‍ɪnɪŋ], [ ˈɛ_k_s_p_l_ˈeɪ_n_ɪ_ŋ]

Explaining refers to the act of making something clear, usually by giving details or providing information. Synonyms for explaining include elucidating, expounding, clarifying, defining, and interpreting. When you want to make a concept more understandable, you might use synonyms such as demonstrating, illustrating, specifying, simplifying, and breaking down. Other synonyms for explaining include informing, instructing, tutoring, coaching, educating, advising, and guiding. If you want to describe the act of explaining in more detail, synonyms such as laying out, unfolding, revealing, and uncovering can be used. Overall, there are many different ways you can express the act of explaining, depending on the context and your intent.

Synonyms for Ex-plaining:

What are the hypernyms for Ex-plaining?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for ex-plaining?

The word "explaining" refers to the act of making something clear or understandable to someone else. Its antonyms are words that express the opposite meaning. One antonym for "explaining" would be "confusing" which means to create a sense of bewilderment or perplexity. Another antonym could be "obscuring" which means to conceal or make indistinct. "Misleading" is an additional antonym for explaining, which means to provide false or inaccurate information that could be harmful. Finally, "mystifying" is an antonym that expresses a sense of bafflement or puzzlement, indicating a lack of comprehension or understanding. These words can help us better understand the meaning of "explaining" by contrasting it with its opposite.

What are the antonyms for Ex-plaining?

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