What is another word for eyrie?

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[ ˈi͡əɹi], [ ˈi‍əɹi], [ ˈiə_ɹ_i]

Synonyms for Eyrie:

How to use "Eyrie" in context?

The eyrie, also known as the Eagle's Tower, is one of the most iconic and recognizable locations in all of Westeros. It is located atop the tallest peak in the region, the Eyrie Hill, and commands an incredible view of all of the region.

The first written mention of the Eyrie dates back to the early days of the Age of Heroes, when it was home to the eagle-riding Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. The Eyrie remained in the Mormont family for many generations, and was eventually seized by Aegon Targaryen as part of his conquest of Westeros.

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