What is another word for Family Notoryctidae?

Pronunciation: [fˈamɪli nˈə͡ʊtɔːɹˌɪktɪdˌiː] (IPA)

The term "Family Notoryctidae" refers to a family of marsupial mammals native to Australia, commonly known as marsupial moles. Synonyms for this term include "Notoryctid marsupials", "Marsupial moles", or "Desert moles". Notable features of these animals include streamlined bodies, powerful digging forelimbs, and a lack of external ears. Despite their name, Marsupial moles are not true moles and do not belong to the same family as the true moles found in other parts of the world. They are considered rare and elusive animals, making them difficult to study and understand their behavior.

Synonyms for Family notoryctidae:

What are the hypernyms for Family notoryctidae?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Related words: Notoryctinae, Notoryctes, Thelyphonida, Notoptera, Necrophilidae

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