What is another word for fatima?

Pronunciation: [fˈatɪmə] (IPA)

Fatima is a beautiful name of Arabic origin that has different meanings, such as "captivating," "one who weans," or "one who abstains." There are many synonyms or alternative names that share the meaning or sound of Fatima, which can provide inspiration for new parents when choosing a name for their child. Some of these names include Faiza, meaning "victorious," Zara, meaning "princess," Amira, meaning "princess or commander," Naima, meaning "tranquil," or Aisha, meaning "living, life." Other similar names that sound like Fatima include Atifa, meaning "affectionate," and Lamia, meaning "brilliant or shining." Whatever name parents choose, it should be meaningful and special to them and their family.

Synonyms for Fatima:

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Usage examples for Fatima

Leaving her with a pad upon which he had scribbled "Patience, fatima, wife of Bluebeard!"
James Huneker
He says "no but I've seen fatima wiggle."
"Love Letters of a Rookie to Julie"
Barney Stone
William was not allowed to call upon the kittens, as fatima, their mother, objected to him vehemently, and Tony cared to go nowhere if William might not be of the party.
"Jan and Her Job"
L. Allen Harker

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