What is another word for Fibroid?

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Fibroids are a common health concern among women, with studies suggesting that up to 80% of women may have them. They are benign, non-cancerous uterine growths that can cause heavy periods, pelvic pain, and discomfort during intercourse. Unfortunately, there are not many synonyms for the word "fibroid," but one option is to use the more medical term for the condition, which is "leiomyoma" or "leiomyomata" (the plural form). Other terms that are sometimes used to describe fibroids include uterine myomas or uterine fibromas. While there may not be many synonyms for fibroids, it's important for women to know the signs and symptoms of this condition and seek medical attention if needed.

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    How to use "Fibroid" in context?

    Fibroid tumors are benign tumors that are made up of connective tissue. This type of tumor is most commonly found in the breast, ovary, and uterus. Fibroid tumors are responsible for about 5% of all breast cancer cases. Fibroid tumors can grow slowly or quickly, but they rarely spread to other parts of the body. Treatment for fibroid tumors typically includes surgery to remove the tumor, along with radiation and chemotherapy.

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