What is another word for fifty-four?

Pronunciation: [fˈɪftifˈɔː] (IPA)

Finding synonyms for the word "fifty-four" can be useful in various scenarios where you may require different ways to represent the same numerical value. Some of the common synonyms include "54," "LIV," "DLIV," and "fifty-fourth." Other possible synonyms can be formed through mathematical operations, such as "27+27" or "108/2." It is also possible to use phrases that convey the same meaning, such as "four dozen and six" or "five tens and four units." By knowing these synonyms, you can expand your vocabulary and communicate numerical values more effectively in different contexts.

Synonyms for Fifty-four:

  • n.

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  • Independent

    • Adjective
      45, 54th, l.54.
    • Noun, singular or mass
  • Other Related

    • Cardinal number
    • Adjective
    • Noun, singular or mass

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Famous quotes with Fifty-four

  • I've only been doing this fifty-four years. With a little experience, I might get better.
    Harry Caray
  • There are one-hundred fifty-four games in a season and you can find one-hundred fifty-four reasons why your team should have won every one of them.
    Bill Klem
  • So I had to be the doctor to these wounded men until we could remove them to the hospital. There were fifty-four women and forty little boys with the Red Army prisoners, and I went daily to take care of them also.
    Agnes Smedley
  • "We simply gow up. In Florence, at age fifty-four, I was a brash youth. Had I known the Duse was there her poet chap might have found dangerous competition, ha-ha. The only trouble is that now, nearing eighty, I keep discovering that damned war has made the world older than I. The world frowns now on youth in a vacuum, it insists youth be turned-to, utilized, exploited. No time for pranks. No more Vheissus."
    Thomas Pynchon

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