What is another word for frequence?

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[ fɹˈiːkwəns], [ fɹˈiːkwəns], [ f_ɹ_ˈiː_k_w_ə_n_s]

The word "frequency" refers to the number of times something occurs within a specific period. There are several synonyms for this word, including 'rate', 'pace', 'occurrence', 'ratio', 'interval', 'periodicity', 'regularity', and 'repetition'. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to describe the amount of times an event, action or behaviour occurs in a given time period. For instance, we can use the word 'rate' when referring to the number of customers visiting a store in a day, or use 'regularity' when describing how often we exercise in a week. The use of synonyms for 'frequency' allows for greater variety of expression in writing and improves communication.

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    The word "frequence" refers to the number of times something occurs within a given period. Antonyms for frequence include rarity, sparsity, infrequency, and scarcity. Rarity refers to something being uncommon or not happening often. Sparsity refers to something being thinly distributed or scarce. Infrequency refers to something occurring rarely, while scarcity refers to the lack of something being available. It's essential to note that the opposite of frequence is situational and that there may be varying levels of rarity, sparsity, infrequency or scarcity. However, each word represents a lack of repetition or occurrence, making them valid antonyms for frequence.

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    Usage examples for Frequence

    Among them are a number that gain a pathetic interest by the frequence of the appeals of musicians or their widows for a pittance of charity from the hand of some royal or ducal patron.
    "The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1"
    Rupert Hughes
    He began to absent himself from the house with unusual frequence, but would not explain where he had been, even though Caroline wept and wailed.
    "The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1"
    Rupert Hughes
    In Balderstone, Johnston, Edmondstone, Livingstone, the suffix is -ton, though the frequence of Johnston points to corruption from Johnson, just as in Nottingham we have the converse case of Beeson from the local Beeston.
    "The Romance of Names"
    Ernest Weekley

    Famous quotes with Frequence

    • Staled by frequence, shrunk by usage into commonest commonplace!

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