What is another word for functional illiterate?

Pronunciation: [fˈʌŋkʃənə͡l ɪlˈɪtəɹət] (IPA)

Functional illiteracy is a condition where a person has difficulty in reading, writing, and comprehending basic texts despite having completed the formal education. There are several synonyms for the term 'functional illiterate' such as struggling reader, limited literacy, low-level literacy, poor reader, or struggling with basic literacy. Individuals who battle with functional illiteracy often struggle with basic routines that involve reading or writing, such as following the instruction, filling out applications, and carrying out daily errands. These terms help to identify and describe the challenges associated with functional illiteracy and highlight the need for necessary interventions to support individuals on their journey towards literacy proficiency.

Synonyms for Functional illiterate:

What are the hypernyms for Functional illiterate?

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