What is another word for geared wheel?

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Geared wheels are essential mechanical components used in a variety of machines, including automobiles, bicycles, and industrial machinery. Synonyms for geared wheels include cog, sprocket, gearwheel, pinion, and toothed wheel. A cogwheel is a type of geared wheel that has evenly spaced teeth on the rim, which engage with another cogwheel or a chain to provide motion. Sprockets are similar to cogwheels and are often used in motorcycles and bicycles. Gearwheels are circular disks with teeth on the circumference that mesh with other gears to transmit power. Pinions are small gearwheels that fit into the teeth of a larger gearwheel. Toothed wheels are used to describe any wheel with teeth that mesh with another gear or sprocket.

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    The history of the geared wheel dates back to the early days of transportation. Before horses were used to power vehicles, inventors began experimenting with different kinds of wheels. One of the earliest types of geared wheel was the water wheel, which was used to power mills and other industrial locations.

    Later on, inventors developed the first motor vehicles, which used the power of the steam engine to move vehicles forward. One of the first automobile companies to make use of a geared wheel was the Daimler Company, which developed the first cars using motors powered by gears and pulleys.

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