What is another word for device?

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The word "device" refers to an object designed for a particular purpose, often with complex or sophisticated functionality. Synonyms for this word include apparatus, instrument, tool, machine, contraption, and gadget. A device might be a digital tool used in computing, such as a laptop or smartphone; a specialized medical instrument, like a CT scanner or defibrillator; or a mechanical tool used in construction or engineering, such as a drill or crane. The diversity of meanings associated with "device" means that there are many synonyms available to describe different types of tools and equipment used in various industries.

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    It is difficult to define what a device is. In its most general sense, device refers to any physical object that can be used to achieve a particular purpose. This could include anything from a simple rock to a complex computer system. However, the term is often used more narrowly, referring to specific types of devices. For example, a computer device might refer to a laptop computer, a smartphone, or a digital music player.

    Devices play an important role in our lives. They allow us to communicate, to work, to consume information, and to pleasures. They enable us to access information and to make progress in our lives.

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