What is another word for geoduck?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˌiːə͡ʊdˈʌk] (IPA)

Geoduck, the native Pacific Northwest shellfish, is known for its unique appearance and can grow up to a foot long. A few synonyms for this delicacy include elephant trunk clam, king clam, mud duck, and gooey duck. The term "pidgin English" gave rise to the name "goeduck" which means "dig deep" in the indigenous Chinook jargon. Though the geoduck is not well-known in other parts of the world, it is considered a delicacy in East Asia and is often eaten raw. It has a sweet and briny flavor and is usually served thinly sliced. While it may seem like a strange creature to some, the geoduck has become an iconic symbol of the Pacific Northwest.

Synonyms for Geoduck:

  • n.

  • Other relevant words:

    • dig deep
    • .

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What are the hyponyms for Geoduck?

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