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Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈɜː] (IPA)

"Ger" is a Mongolian word that refers to a traditional nomadic dwelling. There are several synonyms for "ger" depending on the region and the language. In Tibetan, "ger" is known as a "yurt" or "gur." In Kyrgyzstan, "ger" is called a "bozuyuk." In Kazak, it is known as "jurt," and in Turkmenistan, it is called "ak öý." The differences in names reflect the nuances of the structures and the cultures that use them. Regardless of the name, "ger" is an essential component of nomadic life and continues to serve as a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of the Central Asian region.

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Usage examples for Ger

Luid-i-GER, also, made it hard for the naughty elves and sprites that delude men.
"Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks"
William Elliot Griffis
"And it came to pass on a day that my son-in-law was away at the GER Rebbe's, there was a fair in the town, and my daughter was in child-bed.
"Stories and Pictures"
Isaac Loeb Peretz
Constitution of St. Michael's Church, Philadelphia, 1762. We, the subscribers, the lawfully called Pastors, Trustees, Elders, Vorsteher and communicant members of the GER.
"The Organization of the Congregation in the Early Lutheran Churches in America"
Beale M. Schmucker

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