What is another word for gills?

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Gills are the respiratory organs of fish that help them extract oxygen from water. Synonyms for the word "gills" could include respiratory organs, breathing apparatus, lungs of fish, or respiratory system. In some cases, people might refer to the "fins" of fish as gills mistakenly, so other synonyms may include pectoral fins or ventral fins. Alternatively, when referring to the anatomy of aquatic animals like whales, synonyms for "gills" might include blowholes or spouts since these serve a similar respiratory function. Regardless of the terminology used, gills are an essential component of aquatic life and their proper functioning is crucial for the survival of fish and other water-dependent creatures.

How to use "Gills" in context?

Gills are organs that filter organics and water from the surrounding water. Gills are found on the top of the head of fish, along the neck of a snake, and along the sides of some amphibians.

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