What is another word for Gnashed?

Pronunciation: [nˈaʃt] (IPA)

Gnashed is a term often used to describe the grinding of teeth in anger or frustration. However, there are several other words that can be used to convey the same meaning and enhance one's writing. Some synonyms for gnashed include gritted, ground, champed, crunched, pounded, munched, chewed, and crushed. Each of these synonyms offers a unique nuance to the meaning of gnashed. For instance, gritted and ground suggests a firm determination to bear the pain, while champed implies a restless manner. Regardless of which synonym is used, all indicate a strong emotion of anger or frustration that is often indicated by the grinding of one's teeth.

Synonyms for Gnashed:

What are the hypernyms for Gnashed?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Gnashed

There was one among those midnight assassins whose fierce and fiery temper could ill brook this delay, and, as he sat on his horse beneath the arch, he Gnashed his teeth with impatience, and grasping a pistol in his hand, longed for the moment to use it.
"The Prime Minister"
W.H.G. Kingston
He expected to feel himself seized by those horrible grinding jaws, Gnashed to fragments while utterly powerless to make a struggle against his loathsome assailants.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford
The other Gnashed his teeth, and his great hand tightened on his stick.
E. W. Hornung

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