What is another word for grey-haired?

Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈe͡ɪhˈe͡əd] (IPA)

The English language is fascinating, with many different ways to say the same thing. "Grey-haired" is an adjective often used to describe someone whose hair has turned grey with age. However, there are a variety of synonyms for "grey-haired" available, each with its own subtle connotations. For example, "silver-haired" can suggest a sense of elegance and grace, while "hoary" implies a kind of ancient wisdom. "Salt-and-pepper" describes a mix of grey and dark hair, and "ashen" can suggest a more somber tone. "White-haired" can be used interchangeably with grey-haired but may imply a more advanced degree of ageing. Finally, "grizzled" is a term used for hair that is streaked with both grey and dark hairs.

Synonyms for Grey-haired:

What are the hypernyms for Grey-haired?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for grey-haired?

Grey-haired is a term used to describe someone with white or grey hair, often associated with aging. Its antonyms are words that describe the opposite, such as youthful, vibrant, energetic, or lively. People who are not grey-haired are often referred to as being "young" or "youthful." Other antonyms for grey-haired could include words like dynamic, fiery, spry, or active. These terms suggest a level of energy and liveliness that is typically associated with younger people. Regardless of the antonym chosen, it's clear that the opposite of grey-haired is a term that suggests youthfulness, vitality, and energy.

What are the antonyms for Grey-haired?

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Famous quotes with Grey-haired

  • Have you noticed how most directors are either bald or grey-haired?
    Mackenzie Astin
  • Janeway Smithson was a little, insane, grey-haired bantam rooster of a man. He loaded five or six of us in one cab, and we rolled down to the bed of the L.A. River. Now in those days the L.A. River was a fake - there was no water, just a wide, flat, dry cement runway. The bums lived down there by the hundreds in little cement alcoves under the bridges and overpasses. Some of them even had potted plants in front of their places. All they needed to live like kings was canned heat (Sterno) and what they picked out of the nearby garbage dump. They were tan and relaxed and most of them looked a hell of a lot healthier than the average Los Angeles business man. Those guys down there had no problems with women, income tax, landlords, burial expenses, dentists, time payments, car repairs, or with climbing into a voting booth and pulling the curtain closed.
    Charles Bukowski
  • There was no real need...of crasting any more pretty polly to tolchock some old veck in an alley and viddy him swim in his blood while we counted the takings and divided by four, nor to do the ultra-violent on some shivering starry grey-haired ptitsa in a shop and go smecking off with the till’s guts.
    Anthony Burgess

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