What is another word for gymnospermous?

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[ d͡ʒˈɪmnəspəməs], [ d‍ʒˈɪmnəspəməs], [ dʒ_ˈɪ_m_n_ə_s_p_ə_m_ə_s]

Gymnospermous is a botanical term that specifically describes plants that produce seeds without a protective layer. While not a commonly used word in everyday language, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some of these include coniferous, non-angiospermous, naked-seeded, and non-flowering. Coniferous refers to trees and shrubs that bear cones and needle-like leaves, while naked-seeded and non-flowering describe plants that lack seeds enclosed in a protective structure and do not produce flowers, respectively. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to describe plants that fall under the category of gymnosperms.

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Usage examples for Gymnospermous

They afford the first positive proof as yet obtained of the co-existence of a varied fauna of the highest class of vertebrata with that ample development of reptile life which marks all the periods from the Trias to the Lower Cretaceous inclusive, and with a gymnospermous flora, or that state of the vegetable kingdom when cycads and conifers predominated over all kinds of plants, except the ferns, so far, at least, as our present imperfect knowledge of fossil botany entitles us to speak.
"The Student's Elements of Geology"
Sir Charles Lyell
It is thus indicated that the Angiosperms sprang from a gymnospermous source, and that the two great phyla of Seed-plants have not been distinct from the first, though no doubt the great majority of known Gymnosperms, especially the Coniferae, represent branch-lines of their own.
"Darwin and Modern Science"
A.C. Seward and Others
It remained uncertain, however, from which line of Cryptogams the gymnospermous Seed-plants had sprung.
"Darwin and Modern Science"
A.C. Seward and Others

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