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Haemodoraceae is a family of flowering plants that are commonly found in Australia, South Africa, and South America. Some of the synonyms for Haemodoraceae include bloodroot family, kangaroo paw family, and conebush family. These alternative names are derived from the appearance and characteristics of the plants within the family. For example, the kangaroo paw family name is attributed to the striking similarity between the flowers of these plants and the paws of Kangaroos. Similarly, the bloodroot family name is derived from the deep red color of the flowers, reminiscent of blood. Overall, these synonyms provide useful alternative names for both scholars and enthusiasts of botany.

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The haemodoraceae are a family of bacteria which cause haemolytic uraemia. The bacteria are strong chemoattractants for leukaemia cells, helping them to invade the blood and cause the condition. The bacteria most commonly cause haemolytic uraemia in animals, and in people it can cause respiratory problems.

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