What is another word for have mercy?

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[ hav mˈɜːsi], [ hav mˈɜːsi], [ h_a_v m_ˈɜː_s_i]

The phrase "have mercy" can often be used to express a deep sense of compassion or a plea for forgiveness. Synonyms for this phrase include "show pity," "grant clemency," "extend grace," "show compassion," "offer forgiveness," "show benevolence," "give compassion," "show mercy," and "show leniency." Each of these phrases carries their own distinct connotations, but they can all be used to express a similar sentiment. Whether looking to convey a sense of empathy or to ask for forgiveness, each of these synonyms can help to convey the desired message effectively.

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    How to use "Have mercy" in context?

    1. When most people think of the phrase "have mercy," they likely imagine being in need of it. But mercy is not just a concept for those who are in trouble. It is also a tool for those of us who are in comfortable situations.

    2. Church members often teach that mercy is a fundamental component of the gospel. In the gospel, we are taught that we are all in need of mercy. This means that we are all dirty and imperfect.

    3. We can all fall short of the standards we set for ourselves. We can be lazy, angry, or selfish.

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