What is another word for free?

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The word "free" is a common term used to describe something that is not required to be paid for. However, there are many synonyms for this word that convey similar meanings. Some of these include complimentary, costless, chargeless, unpaid, uncharged, and untaxed. Other synonyms include unrestricted, unencumbered, unbound, exempt, and unobstructed. These words describe aspects of freedom, such as lack of limitations or constraints. Additional synonyms may include liberated, emancipated, released, and unshackled. In general, the word "free" can be used in a variety of contexts, and having a diverse vocabulary of synonyms can help to add variety and greater precision in writing and speech.

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    Antonyms for "free" include restricted, confined, captive, jailed, imprisoned, enslaved, bound, and obligated to pay. A concept that is free is known to be unbridled, limitless, or without any constraints, while its antonyms refer to the opposite idea of having limitations, restrictions, or boundaries. For instance, freedom is synonymous with autonomy, independence, and sovereignty; concepts that are antonymous to the above-stated antonyms. In a nutshell, antonyms of "free" refer to captivity, obligation, restriction, or confinement, pointing towards a state of bondage rather than autonomy. It is essential to understand the antonyms of any term to grasp its full meaning and implications.

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