What is another word for headlamp?

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Headlamps are an essential tool for anyone who needs to move around in the dark, whether you're camping, hiking, working, or simply need to see while walking your dog. There are many different synonyms for the word "headlamp," each referring to a similar device that provides light while being worn on the head. Some common synonyms for headlamp include head torch, headlight, forehead light, head beam, and head lantern. These words all describe a device that attaches to your head, usually with an adjustable band, and projects a beam of light from the front of the device. No matter what you choose to call it, a headlamp is an invaluable tool in situations where you need your hands free but still need to see where you're going.

How to use "Headlamp" in context?

A headlamp is a device which emits light from abulb or chamber at the front of the device, so that the user can see while they are walking or working. Headlamps canadapowerfully illuminating dark areas and are used by miners, police officers, and others in environments where theremay be limited lighting.

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